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+++++:star: If you want to know how I paint, :star:+++++
+++:star: you can find some WIPs in my scraps :star:+++

Hope you enjoy my works.

Commissions are open. If you want me to draw something, note me.

Random Favourites

Works I adore. Mostly fantasy genre and other cool stuff. <3




Dinomen by hail-the-oblivious
nightmare by hail-the-oblivious
beast concept by hail-the-oblivious
RAWR by hail-the-oblivious
Outlined studies of your characters without background or simple background.



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:star: Check out my game, StarFire:

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:star: Check out my art

<----- ;D

I like coding and also making games (includes playing them also). I found a lot of fun playing around with code and structures to make things work, this does not only apply to gams, but also software in general. I'm not the kind of person that only codes cause they think "games are awesome" - I also like to learn and create, and coding is (next to art), another mean to do so.

A good game is all about user experience. The feel when you roam around the wastes of a post apocalyptic world - the experience of floating around in the depth of space the first time - the feel when you discover special gameplay, items or location the first time - and never be able to experience it the same way again.
This is what games should be about. Create memorable experiences the user can look back to. And perhaps even learn from it.

Life is showing you its little truths every day, the art is to recognize them, put them into context, and learn.

Everything happens for a reason, for we are entangled in a world shaped by cause and effect.

I'm member of:


#GetWatchers help artists to share their creativity, increase their audience and get more feedback by getting more exposure and pageviews. If you want more exposure of your arts, constructive critics, watchers and/or if you would like to discover new talented artists, come join us :pointr: Here :pointl:.
Random feature incoming:

Hayden Peak by parkflavorFlower 081014 by JenFruzzWhere Faeries Gather - Revision by JenFruzzNFZ W46 GT b by 600vMaleficent by chairboygazzaThe Colours of the Wind by kelogsloopspuukkoish fighter by hellizePancakes by SamWolkACEO: Old Soul by AgaaveThe Great Attractor by calebvoorheesEye 21 V2 by BaselMahmoudSpring Rains 1 by dinodude411Clouds .-. by BaselMahmoudWatermelon and fruits by marchebaThe Whiteeyedhusky by MayaWolf13Tyrannosaur by joel3dchromaphilia 1 by fudaryliCorinth by philosophe

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Blocked from bitch pant's page, yes. Muted from the chat? No. And you find me intimidating? (harassment), well, thank you, I'm flattered, I don't know what to say. I suppose I'll take the compliment. And what change in tactics? I guess I'm using so many big words that you fail to see that I'm still insulting you. The other two backed down, so what are you going to do white knight?

You obviously spend a decent amount of time playing minecraft, sculpting, and drawing, and I spend a pretty decent amount of time writing, composing, and playing minecraft, but you have to accept the fact that you were equally as moronic for joining the conversation as I was for instigating a flame war for laughs. I knew from the start that he couldn't have a serious intelligent conversation if his life depended on it, but that's why I didn't waltz in expecting that.…… -……

Here you go, feel free to comment on these. To be fair, I said I'd agree to admitting what you called me if you could do one simple thing; read. But you backed down. Just goes to show that the only one who is all air is you, since at no point have you pointed out anything valid. You were obviously too stupid to figure out that those "drawings" in my gallery was DA's idea of an April fools joke, about a machine that creates pictures using brianwaves. :shrug: okay, think you're right, based on nothing.

Hmm your art though? Well, to be honest, it's better than the other two, but still not even college level, and that to me, is pretty basic. Then again, its pretty rare to see an exceptional artist who hasn't learned techniques from a teacher with more experience and perspective.
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Drown into beers while celebrating  about the Die Welt Meister?
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